I’m Here!!!


I got to Budapest in the early afternoon on Tuesday, hit the ground running and haven’t really slowed down yet.

I left Monday early evening, met up with a missionary family who lives just outside of Budapest, and flew with them from D.C. to London and then on to Budapest.

Tuesday is still a bit of a blur – amplified with both jet-lag and the surreal-ness of actually being here.  But I do remember that I was able to meet a missionary family who lives about 20 minutes from me on public transportation.

Yesterday was mainly focused on finding me a flat – and we did!  This morning we even signed the papers on it and I’m spending the night in it tonight.  The flat is in a very central location, and also it’s furnished which is a huge blessing.

Yesterday afternoon I was also able to meet the head of my department at Corvinus face to face.  It was very good to meet her, I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.  Last night I was then able to meet a couple from southern Hungary.  It’s been very nice to meet English speaking Christians throughout the various parts of Hungary.

Today was also mainly dedicated to the flat:  signing papers, getting my first suitcases there, meeting with the owners agent, etc.

I was very excited this evening because I was already able to meet one of my neighbors.  She lives with her Swedish boyfriend next door and they speak in English to each other so her English was nearly perfect.  I’m hoping I will be able to get to know her – she even offered to help me in the grocery store if I still need it after they get back from their holiday in 10 days.   =)

Right now I’m mooching wifi (pronouced weefee =) ) from the McDonalds right near my flat – I know McDonalds…   But, it felt familiar and a small water was the cheapest here than any of the other places with free wifi.  It’s actually the nicest McDonald’s I’ve ever been in, complete with a cellar lounge area with cushy seats and dimmed lighting.



ANSWERED: So from the last list I’ve found a flat AND last Friday the orthopedic doctor proclaimed my foot almost completely healed (he even looked back at his old notes/x-rays because the current x-ray made it look like my foot had never been broken.  My foot is still a bit sore with all the walking, but the light pressure from an ACE bandage helps immensely


-For my learning of the Hungarian language (it seems so much more difficult than German) and while many speak a bit of English I really want to be able to converse with them in Hungarian

-For God to really be preparing me to teach, etc.

-For me to really be open with people I meet


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  1. Kathryn, it’s so awesome to hear of your step in faith to go to Budapest! I pray that you will be leaning into Him for every step of your journey. I’m always a little bit sad that we don’t know each other well, despite being cousins, but I take heart in knowing we share a faith in Christ! I will be praying for you as you minister (and are ministered to!) while you are there. I went to India about 12 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!)…a piece of my heart is still there. I pray you will be overflowing with His love so that you can give it out to others you come in contact with!

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