So the last few weeks have been crazy busy with lots of unexpected events.

First of all, the training in Charlottesville was quite informative despite the fact that I got an aggressive 24-hour bug my first day there.  It was great getting to meet and talk with multiple people who have spent time out on the foreign mission field.  We were also able to meet with several seasoned teachers and discuss valuable teaching techniques, which will be extremely helpful since neither Megan (a girl going to Croatia to teach) and I have had much if any classroom experience.

As soon as I returned from Charlottesville I spent a wonderful whirlwind weekend with several of my dear friends – interspersed with frantically trying to finish packing my apartment before my parents came that Monday to bring me to Maryland.

Soon after my parents showed up at my apartment one of the biggest surprises of the last few weeks occured – I was jumping out of the (parked) moving van and tripped, breaking my foot and severely spraining my ankle.  My mom and roommate rushed me to the ER where I was wheeled around for x-rays.  For a time they thought that I might need surgery, but thankfully I was released 3 hours after arrival with a boot and crutches.  The crutches only lasted a week, but I will still be wearing the boot for 2 weeks after my arrival in Budapest.  (So prayer in the area of my foot healing swiftly would be much appreciated)

While at my parents house I have been busy with doctors appointments (getting notes saying that I have no contagious diseases) and packing my whole “life” into 3 suitcases (plus a carry-on).  I did have one weekend break from packing and all though when I drove down to Chesapeake, VA to visit the camp (Triple R Ranch – send your kids/grandkids!!!) that I had worked at the past 3 summers.  It was wonderful to see all my dear friends again before I leave.

This week I’m planning on double checking all my suitcases and organizing the rest of my belongings into boxes in my parents basement before I fly out next Monday.

PRAYER NOTE:       – for a flat to open up for me in Budapest

– my foot (I have a follow up appointment scheduled 3 days before I leave)

– for my future classes

– for God to continue to be preparing my mind, heart, and body



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