It’s hard to believe that there’s just over a month left until I leave for Hungary!  I think the closeness of it really hit me this weekend when I got my last work schedule for The Drowsy Poet.

Already there have been several large changes from the original plan:  I’m going alone now; and the original job that I was hired for fell through which allowed crazy doors to open and now I’m going to be teaching English at a University in Budapest.

I am learning to really not have expectations on the journey and to be beyond flexible.  As a wise person once told me, “It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different”.

I am so incredibly blessed by this opportunity and the fact that I will have the schedule of a professor will hopefully open even more doors for opportunities to work with youth within the city.

Also, I am so incredibly thankful for and blessed by all my friends and family who have shown me such support as I head out on this journey.

I’m going to try and use this blog to keep you all update (and to keep your inboxes as clutter free as possible), so I’m going to try and be faithful in the updates =)

Jó napot!   Viszlát!

(I’m also a bit daunted by the Hungarian language – so far I may speak more than a Hungarian infant =P )


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  1. Kathryn, I am one of your Drowsey Poet crowd — “iced coffee and chicken salad with nothing else”. Janice DeLong is my soul sister and best friend. She forwarded your blog to me. I admire so much your willingness to step out in faith. (But in my opinion that isn’t hard for a girl who rides a moped in the pouring rain!) I will keep up w/you and be praying for you. I wish you well.

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